November 2017

Working for Slave Wages: Series on Romans (Part 10)

We choose who we serve, but we all serve a master. Yes, even in America.
Paul graphically lays out our only 2 choices and the expected outcome from either choice.

The Watery Grave: Series on Romans (Part 9)

Paul goes into detail about what Baptism is suppose to symbolize and what is supposed to be happening in my heart.
…unfortunately, we only have the last portion of the sermon recorded from Romans 6:8 on, but 1/2 is better than none.

Grace Greater than My Failure: Series on Romans (Part 8)

How you are remembered depends on peoples relationship with you. In Romans 5 Paul compares the first man Adam with the Son of God. Disobedience with Obedience. Failure with Victory. Death with Life.

October 2017

Love God, Get God: Series on Romans (Part 7)

When you ask someone how their relationship with God is, you don’t expect to hear “Adversarial.”
Romans 5 says however, is what it is apart from the saving Grace of Jesus.  We are fighting a losing battle against God.
Isn’t it time to hear what the peace terms are?

“Follow Me.”

Jesus called out to each of His 12 disciples “Follow Me.”  Then each of them left everything and followed Him. Even Judas.
Pastor Russ pushes the point: “Am I following Jesus? Really? “

God’s Friend Abraham: Series on Romans (Part 6)

You have a “Best friend?” Cool. So does God. His name is Abraham. Paul tells us when we believe God’s promises like Abraham did we are his kids.  Good family to be in.

Best Effort: Series on Romans (Part 5)

Good News! Nobody is perfect! How is that “good news”? You’re not a failure, because no one is a success. We’ve all sinned and fallen away from God’s plan for us. That’s where Jesus comes in…Good News!

Praying. For People.

Pastor Wendy shows us Christ’s heart for those furthest away from the Father is the SAME heart He wants the church to have. The Power of the Most High God to change an impossible situation is released by the simplest of acts. Prayer.

September 2017

It’s Not What you say, It’s What you do: Series on Romans (Part 4)

Paul addresses one of the biggest roadblocks anyone faces trying to grow closer to people or God: Our inconsistency. It’s not what we say that people believe, its what we do.

When you are Not What you Appear: Series on Romans (Part 3)

Paul starts Chapter 2 revealing to us that God treats all of us the same.  Same love, same righteousness, same Savior.
Pretending that God ignores our hidden sins is not going to cut it.
Paul reminds us that “we” are not the judge of other people.

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