Sunday Morning Podcast


March 2018

Being Accepted By God: Series on Romans (Part 20)

“I want to change before I start coming to church.” We think that if people see how broken my live is they won’t accept me.
Neither will God. That is the OPPOSITE of how Jesus’ church functions.
You don’t need to fix yourself first. Just come as you are.

Weak or Strong you WIN: Series on Romans (Part 19)

Why are there so many different churches?” Because people are different. Each of us has a portion of faith and we function accordingly. The weak hold to discipline/denial of pleasure to maintain their holiness. The strong embrace the liberty of grace that nothing we eat or drink

February 2018

That CAN’T be biblical… Series on Romans (Part 18)

People like to live in compartments. My work life is my work life, home life is home, church is church, politics is politics.
We assume God’s authority stops at the church threshold. Nope. All authority that exists is His.
In fact, Jesus created it. It’s all His. In Romans 13, Paul reveals our response to authority and a lot more…

Think About What You’re Thinking About

The battle for our soul starts with our thoughts that get into our hearts.
Guest Speaker Cory Pearson lays out the battlefield and the weapons in use.
Sermon is about 6 minutes short due to technical issue.

Trouble in Paradise.

You’re on vacation in Hawaii, many peoples idea of “paradise”.
…and you are instantly confronted with the end of all things.
Pastor Wendy lived in that moment. When all you have is the Word that’s in you.

January 2018

Living Against the Flow: Series on Romans (Part 17)

Love flows from God, to me, to others. This statement is true no matter who says it.
This is how God intends for His love for each one of us to spread to everyone of us.
In Romans 12, Paul encourages us to be different than before. Be like Christ.

The Recipe: Series on Romans (Part 16)

Everyone likes Chocolate Chip cookies, but not everyone knows the difference between a messed up cookie and an AWESOME one.
We may love Jesus, but what does following Him look like?
In Romans 12 Paul covers what Jesus IN you looks like.

Not to be Lost: Series on Romans (Part 15)

If you have something you absolutely can’t loose, you protect it.
You secure it where nothing can harm it and no one can steal it.
In a safe or a vault.  For Believers that “vault” is IN Christ.
Because God doesn’t want to loose you.
Every soul saved, brings us one soul closer to the Day.

Missing God’s Plan: Series on Romans (Part 14)

Some of our biggest arguments start with a misunderstanding.
To understand everything God is doing isn’t going to happen.
We need to have the key aspects of God settled: The truth.
In Romans 9, Paul laments his countrymen’s misunderstanding of Jesus and the outcome.

December 2017

Waiting Patiently: Series on Romans (Part 13)

“Patience is a virtue.” We easily get frustrated about nearly anything.
Work, people, life situations. We’re “pretty sure” that we have a right to do so too.
In Romans 8, Paul puts our attention back to what God did for us, and how
we need to trust Him. Especially when we don’t understand.